“Always happy to share my ‘Ford’ stories. Actually they’re not ‘stories’, they’re facts!

Simply put, in the last twenty years I have not owned any other automobile other than a Ford. And I never will.

So many car companies these days try to sell their product based on safety awards handed out by some B.S. institute. Well I live in the real world, and I have raised four children, three boys and one girl. And we all know how boys drive. And having them driving in the Houston area was just another level of danger. My children have never driven anything but a Ford, and to this day all of them own at least two Ford autos.

But back to the reality check. All three of my boys have been involved in major auto accidents. Three of those were a total loss of their vehicles and one involved another persons fatality. But out of all of those wrecks the very worst injury any of them suffered was a slight concussion after colliding with a large horse in a Ford Probe.

True story, I would get a call from one of my sons after an accident and it always started the same way; ‘dad, I’m OK but I have had an accident’. And of course it was never their fault! I got to the point where I would get to the scene and the wrecker drivers knew my name. I would get Christmas cards from wrecker drivers!

Added to that my (ex) wife has been involved in three major accidents resulting in a total loss. The most devastating was a head on collision on FM-105 from Cleveland to Conroe late one night. She was driving home from work in her brand new F-150 Super Crew when a drunk driver swerved into her lane and struck her head on at 65 mph. The other driver (in a Chevy Silverado) was killed instantly. The dash board and engine compartment just caved in on him and severed both of his legs at the thigh. I arrived at the scene and my wife’s Ford was still running! My wife was sent to the hospital and treated for bruised ribs caused from the (seat belt) and I took her home that night!

I have plenty of ‘Ford’ stories that involve dependability, style, power and blah, blah, blah. More stories than I could type in this email. In my drive way at this moment is a Ford-F150 lariat, a Ford-F-150 and a Jaguar XJ8 VandenPlas (also made by Ford). But at the end of the day I have stuck with Ford because of the safety factor. You see while other car companies talk crap about safety, and are handed safety awards by some commercialized, propped up institute…………….Ford delivers. I have four grown children and three grand children that I am quite sure I would not have if I had allowed them to drive another brand of auto. And as I said, all of my children drive Fords to this day, and they are as committed to Ford as I am.

And very importantly to me as a American and a tax payer, I could not be more proud of Americas (and my) #1 auto company, Ford. They did not take the government hand out, taking the tax payers money. Ford said ‘hell no’! And for that and so many other reasons I will forever be a ‘Ford Man’. And my kids and grand kids will be also.

So feel free to share my ‘stories’ with others. Thank you for writing to me, and I wish you much success with Planet Ford. I have purchased at least 5 autos from Planet and I will be back again I am sure.”

Best regards,
Darrell W. Lee

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