4 Texters Only

Of all of the bad driving habits we’ve seen over the years such as applying make-up, reading the newspaper or eating, the most dangerous of them all seems to be texting while driving.

Indeed, the practice has become so prevalent–and deadly–that many people and groups have been advocating the banning of the practice.

However Ford will try to make texting safe for drivers.

The Ford Motor Company is updating its SYNC technology to enable text messaging and give drivers more control over how messages are received and sent. For example Ford is giving drivers a “Do Not Disturb” button so they can choose the level of connectivity and communications they want while driving. In addition, Ford is taking the initiative to “lock-out” capabilities that are not relevant to the task of driving while the vehicle is in motion.

Planet Ford 45 wants hard-core text message senders to please do everyone a favor by quitting your texting while driving or go out and buy a properly equipped texting Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle.


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