Ford Raptor is a Beast

Ford SVT has built some special vehicles over the years. Supercharged Mustangs, F-150s, and Focus SVT have been the poster children of Ford’s SVT division.

But the Raptor F150 SVT changes all that.

The previous Ford SVT vehicles were designed to be perfectly performing pieces of machinery that took on the pavement world however, the F150 Raptor SVT changes all that.

When the Ford’s SVT division got their hands on the The Raptor they transformed the vehicle into the toughest production truck ever.

The Raptor is truly an off-road beast built to take a beating in various races sucah as the Baja 1000 desert race. The secret to the Ford Raptor’s success is found underneath in the highly-modified suspension. A mild lift is accompanied by the world’s first ever internal-triple-bypass shock absorbers on a production vehicle.

Underneath, the Raptor gets a smattering of custom SVT control arms, skidplates and short metal running boards to help keep the truck moving no matter the terrain. Just in case you get stuck, there are big tow loops front and rear, although the rear window is a bit small to be climbing through when stuck in the deep stuff. Most buyers would never think of such things, but for off-roaders it’s a consideration.

The most surprising thing for many potential buyers looking at such a hardcore off-road machine is that the Raptor is actually more civil on the road than the regular pickup. In fact, the suspension provides a smoother ride over rough city roads than many high-end luxury cars.

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