Anti-Aging Car

Yahoo! Autos has named the Ford Mustang as one of the cars that are guaranteed to grow old gracefully.

Blame the economy, or better engineering. The fact is, more and more people are looking to save money by holding onto their vehicles for a longer period of time.

Some cars are simply graced with timeless good looks. Put one in your garage, and you might start getting calls from Hollywood celebs seeking the latest anti-aging advice. Sound engineering and clever styling are not mutually exclusive, no matter your budget.

In 1964 the Ford Mustang inspired the term “pony car,” an entire breed of high-performance sports coupes with a budget price and good performance. With the exception of a few fallow years in the 1970s, the Mustang has remained at the cutting edge of the pony car market in both looks and performance.

Completely revamped for the 2005 model year, and freshened for 2010, the latest Mustang is arguably the best-looking pony car ever. For approximately $30,000, the 2010 Mustang GT offers a growling V-8 engine and enough attitude to make Russell Crowe think twice before picking a fight. For 2011, the Mustang is available with a 305-horsepower V-6 engine capable of 31 mpg on the highway (when equipped with the 6-speed automatic transmission).

So if you are looking for the cure for car aging, stop by Planet Ford 45 and invest your money on Ford Mustang. It is truly a timeless piece of engineering.

Original Yahoo! Article here

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