Mysterious Dashboard Light

Do you know what that this little dashboard light means? No? Don’t worry.

According to a Schrader report 44 percent were unaware what the symbol was supposed to represent.

The dashboard light which represents the TPMS sensor is a sensor that constantly measure the pressure in all four tires, and when one or more tires is more than 25 percent below the recommended amount, a light illuminates on the gauge cluster.

Most of us know the light (on the left ) and if you do, you’re among the 54 percent of drivers who know what it means. But more importantly, less than half of the population doesn’t.

TPMS sensor maker Schrader recently surveyed drivers to see if there were knowledgeable about all things TPMS, and the results had to be a bit disappointing for them. First, the good news: 96 percent of all drivers surveyed felt that under-inflated tires were a serious safety problem. Now the bad news: Only 44 percent of drivers polled regularly check their tire pressure. Furthermore, one third of drivers surveyed didn’t know what TPMS was or what it was used for, while still another 14 percent thought the symbol identified a problem of the non-tire variety.

Remember that at Planet Ford 45 we care about tire safety and will inspect your tires for you. So the next time this dashboard light shows up don’t risk your life by ignoring it and stop by and let our professional service department check it out.

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