Can I recharge my A/C system myself?

A person came to the shop yesterday at one of our sister stores and ask a very important question to one of our mechanics. the question was how he can recharge his A/C system himself?

Well to summarize the answer here is pretty much what we told him.

You have all the right to recharge your A/C system however you must first get your hands on the correct type of refrigerant required for your vehicle.

The major problem with that is that federal law prohibits the sale of R12 and R134 automotive refrigerants to “non certified” individuals (to become certified, you must pass a written test approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — something which all professional A/C technicians must do before they can legally work on your vehicle).

Our Service Advisor informed that to our customer and suggested that he let the certified professionals recharge his A/C system. The customer walked out a happy camper and a more knowledgeable person.

If you need your A/C recharge stop by Planet Ford 45 and let the professionals take care of it.

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