My “Check Engine” light is on.

My “Check Engine” light is on. Why is it doing that? Should I ignore it?

It means your vehicle’s onboard computer system has self-diagnosed some kind of problem. The “Check Engine” light, which is also called a “Malfunction Indicator Lamp” (MIL) or “Service Engine Soon” (SES) lamp, is there to signal you when a problem occurs that may require attention. This can include anything from a momentary hiccup that has has little or no noticeable affect on engine performance or driving safety to a failure of a major electronic component. There’s no way to know what the light means without running a diagnostic scan on the system to determine the nature of the fault.

At Planet Ford 45 we seen people ignored their check engine light and a after weeks of ignorance the problem turned into a costly mistake. We recommend you visiting Planet Ford 45 and running a full diagnostic scan to see what the problem is. We want you to protect your investment and highly recommend you seeing what the problem is.

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