Is Your Car Ready for a Baby?

Having a baby is an exciting, wonderful, and overwhelming experience.  Getting your home ready for a new arrival takes a lot of work.  But before your baby ever gets home, he or she will have to ride home in their brand new car seat.  If you’ve never installed a car seat in your vehicle, here are few tips to help you install it properly, whether you have crossovers, trucks or cars in your family.

  • The first car seat you install for your infant should be rear-facing.  Most rear-facing car seats are good for children up to 20-30 pounds.  The next step up is a front-facing car seat, followed by a booster seat.
  • When installing a car seat in your new or used car, use the “one inch” rule.  If you can move any part of the installed car seat more than an inch, you need to tighten the straps.
  • For car seats that come with a detachable base, installation can be easier, since you’re only installing a smaller piece of plastic.
  • Bases should be at a 45-degree angle once installed.  If your base isn’t adjustable, you can use a section of a foam swimming noodle to angle the base.
  • If your baby is exceptionally tiny, you can place rolled up receiving blankets on either side of him or her for additional support and cushion.  Don’t place them under the harness, however.
  • If you own used cars or used pick-up trucks, you may have to use a locking clip to make sure the seatbelt stays secure if you slam the brakes.

Regardless of how simple it may seem to install your child’s car seat, it’s best to have your car seat inspected by a professional.  The Police Department will inspect the installation of your car seat, or you can stop by one of the local car dealers, like our Houston dealership, and we’ll help you make sure your car seat is properly installed.  And, if you’re thinking that the addition of a baby is a good time to upgrade your used car to one of our new crossover vehicles, stop by one of our dealerships to get the right vehicle for your expanding family.

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