Cool Safety Features from Ford

Technology is constantly evolving thanks to human ingenuity. It is no wonder many Americans have a hard time keeping up with the latest technological trends. It was not that long ago that we thought that CD players were the pinnacle of technological ingenuity. The same can be said with many of the safety features found on vehicles today. First it was the seat belt, next it was the side impact airbags, and then there was the whole explosion of safety features that many of the car manufactures started to offer. But like the constant changing world of technology many Americans started to lose interest in keeping up with all these options. However we are hoping these latest safety features from Ford Motor Co. will help you get interested on what you have been missing. Here is our top 3 list of safety features we believe will get any car buyer exited about safety.


1. BLIS with cross traffic alert

  • This feature helps drives change lanes or back out of a parking space with more confidence.
  • BLIS can notify drivers when a vehicle has entered their blind spot
  • Cross Traffic Alert alerts drives to traffic approaching for the sides when the vehicle is in reverse, such as when leaving a parking space


2. Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Provides everything conventional cruise control does- keeps a constant speed without having to work the brake or accelerator pedals-plus automatically maintains a comfortable distance from vehicles ahead.


3. Collision Warning with Brake Support.

  • Designed to help drivers avoid rear end collisions be alerting them with an alarm and warning light.
  • Uses sensors in the front of the vehicle to help detect moving vehicles ahead traveling in the same direction.
  • If the risk of collision increases despite the warning, the brakes are immediately pre-charge, so they can respond quickly when the driver applies them. This helps the driver achieve maximum braking as quickly as possible

Stop by Planet Ford in Spring and ask one of our Product Specialists to show you a car demonstration with the latest Ford safety features.


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