Ford Dealers Now Using Cutting-Edge SHOWCASE App

Buying a car, truck or SUV is a large and sometimes stressful purchase. Now, Ford is has an app to help with that coming to a dealership near you. The new ground-breaking iPad application was designed to improve a the customer experience and make finding the right car easier and faster than ever.

The SHOWCASE app offers Ford sales consultants “anytime, anywhere” access to the dealership’s inventory, rich video content on features and technologies linked to the vehicle inventory, as well as a wide range of product information. In addition, the new app allows the dealership to save and share customer vehicle preferences.

Using the new SHOWCASE App via an iPad, the salesperson can sit with a customer to pick out the model that person wants, then filter the selection based in trim level, colors, equipment and price. The app will then display all the vehicles in stock that match the customer’s specific criteria, including a list of all the equipment installed on each vehicle.

If the customer needs time to consider the purchase or discuss it with his or her significant other, the sales associate can simply e-mail the information on the specific vehicle directly to the customer or designated recipient.

The SHOWCASE app, which was developed by Ford and user interface design specialists Razorfish, opens registration for all Ford dealers this August. Currently, approximately 200 dealers have already signed up to use the new app and the number is expected to increase at a rapid rate.

The SHOWCASE app is just the latest cutting-edge technology from Ford to help improve the customer’s experience before, during and after the purchase of a new Ford vehicle. We can’t wait to see what future applications Ford will think of next.




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