Protecting the Interior of Your Car from the Sun

Protecting your car, truck or SUV’s interior from sun damage is just as important as your vehicle’s maintenance when thinking about reselling. The effect of heat on a car’s interior can quickly inflict irreversible damage, which could ultimately devalue your car. Here are some simple tips to help prolong your vehicle’s interior.

  1. Block the sun: Try to keep your car out of the direct sun whenever possible. If that is not possible, then it is recommended to use a sun blocker on your windshield.
  2. Crack your windows: Trapped heat plays a major role in damaging your interior. A study done by the Animal Protection Institute showed that a car’s interior temperature could easily rise to above 150 degrees when parked in the sun without any protection.  To help minimize this destruction caused by this trapped air, leave your windows down approximately an inch.
  3. Window Tint: If you live in a hot climate, a smart investment would be in tinting your windows. Installing tint can help to keep your car from overheating and the sun from causing as much damage. It also has the hidden benefit of making your windows shatter proof. The cost varies depending on your vehicle, but it certainly can go a long way in protecting the interior.
  4. Protective leather conditioners: Leather seats in the heat require maintenance. To keep them looking beautiful, remember to use a leather conditioner with UV protection. It can be found in most auto repair stores and many dealers carry protective products for your car, as well.

If left unprotected ,your car’s interior will show the signs of damage. By putting in a little tender loving care now, your vehicle will be in great shape for years to come.

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