Fishing Rodeo Fun

HHC Fishing Rodeo

All the entries for the 2013 Fishing Rodeo

On Saturday, September 7th, the Hold ’em & Hit ’em Club hosted the 11th Annual Dick Stipanovic Memorial Fishing Rodeo at Landolt Pavilion Clear Lake Park in Seabrook, TX. Randall Reed’s Planet Ford was out at the Fishing Rodeo on Saturday to show our support for the HHC.

The primary goal of the Hold ‘em & Hit ‘em Club is to support education and youth charities while, at the same time, provide a vehicle for the social gatherings of friends and families with similar desires. Mr. Reed is a huge supporter of education and the youth in the greater Houston area.


Some Real Anglers!

Some Real Anglers!

In addition to the fishing rodeo, the HHC also holds golf tournaments, BBQ cook offs and craw fish boils to raise money. It is a great organization and you can learn more about the tournament and charity at!

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