Houston Picked for 2014 Ford EcoBoost Challenge

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.46.12 AMIt’s time to get close and personal with the latest and greatest Ford models during the 2014 Ford EcoBoost Challenge! Entering the second year of the event, Ford Motor Company will trek across the United States to 12 different cities to give fans an exclusive chance to engage with the best products Ford has to offer. Check out the video below for a quick overview.

The 2014 Ford EcoBoost Challenge will feature a handful of vehicles from Ford’s line-up that showcase the powerful but fuel-efficient EcoBoost engine. You’ll find all your Ford favorites at this event, like the speedy Focus ST or the sporty Fiesta ST. Stroll on over to the closed-course competitor challenge to find other Ford’s like the Escape, Fusion, or F-150.┬áThe EcoBoost Challenge will host a few different events for fans. Participants can compete against the clock in a Fiesta ST or ride a few thrilling laps with a professional driver in the Focus ST. Fans of hybrid vehicles will get a chance to pit the C-MAX Hybrid up against the competition.

This years event will begin in Phoenix on April 12th and will make its way through 11 other cities by the end of this summer. With over 28,000 fans in attendance for last year’s event, Ford hopes to build on the success from last years challenge. With the introduction of the all-new 2.3L EcoBoost for their 2015 Mustang, Ford is committed to building the EcoBoost brand to be one of the most powerful but efficient engine lineups.

The EcoBoost engine line combines advanced engine technologies to deliver an incredible driving experience to consumers. With turbocharging, direct injection and variable valve timing technologies, the EcoBoost engine serves up a powerful, responsive feel while conserving fuel consumption. As the leader in turbocharged direct-injected gasoline engines in North America, the EcoBoost is set to appear in more than 90% of Ford’s North American lineup by the end of 2014.

Think you can showcase your driving skills in a new Ford? Visit www.ecoboostdrive.com to pre-register as space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. The Ford EcoBoost Challenge is set to appear in Houston on June 7th at Reliant Stadium. For an earlier look at some of these Fords, head over to Randall Reed’s Planet Ford in Spring (also serving The Woodlands, Katy, and great Houston), located off I-45. Feel free to browse our full inventory from anywhere by heading to www.PlanetFord45.com!

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