Pursuit of a Happy Commute Campaign

#HappyCommuteFord owners are hard-working, busy people, and Ford knows it. Daily tasks, from taking care of the kids to work matters and everything in-between are jammed into daily schedules, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is the grueling hour-long round-trip journey to the office and back.

As a way to address the stressful commute issue that hundreds of millions of Ford owners deal with on a day-to-day basis, Ford Motor Co. has started the Pursuit of a Happy Commute initiative to help decrease the negative impact of tedious morning and evening commutes. With the help McGuire Research, Ford has conducted a study* across the nation regarding how people handle their morning commute. Here’s a few notable tidbits from the study:

  • Two out of three Americans spend at least 30 minutes commuting daily.
  • Almost have of commuters always or very frequently encounter traffic during their commute
  • Two in five Americans multitask during their commute
  • Many say improved gas mileage would improve their commute (check out the video below to see how some Ford driver’s improve their MPG)

Furthermore, many respondents agreed that their daily commute was eating into exercise time, family time and time for personal hobbies and interests. Many of the gridlock grinders describe their commute as stressful, frustrating, long and unpredictable.

Ford’s Pursuit of a Happy Commute hopes to reduce these commuting consequences by giving drivers the features they want for those long and frustrating rides. By increasing gas mileage, improving sound insulation, using climate controlled seats, and having an intuitive entertainment interface in MyFordTouch/SYNC, Ford strives to continue providing the best commute possible for driver’s across the country.

Randall Reed’s Planet Ford in Spring (also serving The Woodlands, Katy, Aldine, and greater Houston) welcomes you to join the push for a better commute as a way to reduce stress and increase happiness. Search or use #HappyCommute on Facebook and Twitter for exclusive updates and news about the initiative. Check out the features that make for a #HappyCommute by browsing the Planet Ford inventory at www.PlanetFord45.com!

*Click here for complete details of the study.

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