Car and Driver Names Top 20 Fords

Ford-for-all and all-for-Ford! Car and Driver magazine names the best 20 Ford cars of all time. At Planet Ford in Spring (serving The Woodlands, Houston, Conroe, Aldine areas), we certainly have our favorites. Which one is your Ford fave?

With the Ford Motor Company building cars since 1903, there certainly have been many models off the production line. Through sheer longevity, Ford is bound to have built some great vehicles over 111 years. Per Car and Driver, they’ve actually built enough great cars that it’s tough to pare the list down to 20.

So, how did the magazine measure greatness? The magazine says their final working criteria is wildly inconsistent, contradictory, and irrational.

Check out the magazines Greatest Fords of All Time.

Car and driver best-fords-lede-876x535Click to read the full story from Car and Driver. 

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