Check Out the Ford Super Duty in Spring

Last week Planet Ford showed you some of the 2015 Ford F-Super Duty’s impressive features and today we’re giving you another comparison between the 2015 Ram HD and Ford Super Duty in Spring. The Ford F-Super Duty is a force to reckon with causing competitors in its class to fall short. Don’t take our word for it-see for yourself below!

These are some of the Ford F-Super Duty’s most noteworthy features that cause the 2015 Ram HD to miss the mark:

  • The F-Super Duty offers an optional Hill Descent Control feature so you can safely descend down a slope but the Ram HD doesn’t offer this feature.
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration performed side impact tests on new vehicles and the F-Super Duty outperformed the Ram HD.
  • The F-Super Duty was also found to be the safer vehicle in the NHTSA’s front crash tests.
  • There are no mileage limits on the F-Super Duty’s five-year corrosion warranty but the HD’s warranty ends at 100,000 miles, which could be problematic if you travel a lot.
  • The F-Super Duty Gas comes with a “limp home system” that keeps drivers from being stranded if engine coolant is lost. This allows you enough time to make it to a service station to get repairs.
  • If you’re looking for the more powerful vehicle, look no further than the F-Super Duty that provides more horsepower and torque than its competitor.
  • The Ford F-Super Duty uses regular unleaded gasoline but the Ram HD 5.7 V8 engine requires mid-grade gasoline that will cost more.
  • You and your passengers will prefer the interior of the F-Super Duty that offers more passenger space than the Ram HD as well as more cargo capacity for all of your hauling and storage needs.
  • The minimum standard towing capacity on the F-Super Duty is much higher than the Ram HD’s (12,100 vs. 10,770 lbs.) so you can tackle any job that comes your way!

Visit Planet Ford today to learn more about the Ford Super Duty in Spring and what makes it such a catch compared to the competition!

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