Planet Ford Presents the 2015 Ford F-Super Duty in Spring

Looking for a truck that can handle all of your towing and hauling needs? The Ford F-Super Duty in Spring is up for the challenge! Today Planet Ford is highlighting some of the Ford F-Super Duty’s top features that cause it to stand out from competitors in its class like the Chevrolet Silverado HD. Find out what makes the Ford F-Super Duty in Spring the toughest truck on the block!

  1. Suspension and Handling: The Ford F-Super Duty may be large in size but its suspension and handling features make it easy to maneuver. Optional front and rear stabilizer bars help keep the F-Super Duty flat and controlled during cornering but the Silverado HD only offers a rear stabilizer bar. The F-Super Duty also has a wider track and longer wheelbase that contributes to its smoother ride and stable handling.
  2. Cargo Capacity: You’ll never have to leave anything behind if you choose the Ford F-Super Duty. The Super Duty has a much larger cargo box compared to the Silverado HD in almost every dimension and the low lift-over bed design makes loading and unloading the F-Super Duty easier.
  3. Payload and Towing: F-Super Duty has a higher standard payload capacity than the Silverado HD so you can haul it all! The F-Super Duty Crew Cab 250 can haul 3,540 lbs. but the Silverado HD falls short with only 3,240 lbs. The F-Super Duty optional payload capacity also beats with the Silverado HD offers.
  4. Convenient Features: Convenient features are the icing on the cake when you choose the F-Super Duty. Front power windows, exterior keypad and speed-sensitive wipers do the work for you while heated front seats and rear air conditioning vents ensure that you and your passengers are comfortable.

Are you interested in learning more about the Ford F-Super Duty’s features? Visit Planet Ford today to check out the Ford F-Super Duty in Spring and take it for a test drive!

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