Sims get Ford Fiesta for free

Ford and E.A. have once again teamed up to give Sim’s users a new virtual car. The Ford Fiesta will be given to users who have bought the Sims 3 2009 edition. EA’s Sim’s franchise is a highly popular strategic life-simulation computer game.

This is not the first time that Ford has teamed up with EA. A few years back when Ford released their classic Mustang GT it provided users of the game a free download of its car. It proved to be a very popular addition to the game and The Sims 2 fans rushed to get this official, authentic looking car with over one million downloads to date from the official Sims 2 site.

Ford followed this up later in the same year with the release of the Ford Focus in August and the Fusion in November. Both cars were released online in the colors available when buying them from a ‘real life’ dealership, which only added to the fun and excitement of player’s Sims – as the game characters are known – owning one in the game.

This zippy and fun urban Ford Fiesta comes in Lime Squeeze, Blue Flame, Yellow Blaze or Red Candy Metallic. But why just settle for the one online? Visit Planet Ford 45 and get buy the real one for yourself!

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