Cool, Cost-Effective Cars for the College Bound Perfect car for Austin students

For many students moving to Austin this fall for college, transportation to school and around Austin will be a key issue they will be facing.  A student’s transportation is an essential and vital part of their college life that gives them the luxury to be truly independent. We explore the many options of several vehicles out in the market today and found that only one car stood beyond any other as the best and most suitable option for Austin’s geography, climate and culture. That car is the — drum roll, please — 2011 Ford Fiesta!


The Ford Fiesta is capable of taking on the vast geography changes the city of Austin has to offer.  The city is in the heart of the Hill County, which means there are various elevations in and around the city.  One moment you can be driving at 425 feet above see level the next you’ll have to climb 1,000 feet. The Ford Fiesta has enough torque and horsepower to climb any of Austin’s terrain with ease.

Next, the climate in Austin is fairly difficult to predict, as with any other city in the great state of Texas. One moment you are enjoying great weather, the next you are running for cover from a thunderstorm. This is not a problem with the Ford Fiesta. It is equipped with AdvanceTrac® ESC.  This feature automatically applies the brakes and modulates engine torque whenever it detects wheel slippage, and it helps avoid skidding and fishtailing by controlling under steer and over steer issues. What does that all mean? It helps maintain control under unfavorable conditions such as ice, gravel or rain and provides more confident stopping power.


Finally, “Keep Austin Weird” has become a staple of Austin’s culture. This is why the Ford Fiesta fits in with city’s culture. The Fiesta has no qualms about standing out, from its sleek front end to its distinctive dragon-eye headlamps. A razor-slash side panel highlights the car’s cut-and-run stance, while the upswept rear end makes it look like it’s ready to launch. And with a starting price just under $14k its easy to own one.

Stop by Planet Ford in Spring to see this vehicle before you take off to school this fall.



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